PA 1000K Riders Hanging Tough

Tom Rosenbauer reports this evening that just one rider has dropped out of the 19 entrants on his Endless Mountains PA 1000K. Everyone is doing really well as Day 2 continues, including all nine D.C.R.’s and celeb fixed gear rider Emily O’Brien and celeb recumbent rider Dan “RanDanneuring” Blumenfeld.

We’re pulling for all of you guys and looking forward to hearing the stories.

Back here in D.C., an old friend rejoined the bike stable. On Thursday evening I picked up my renovated ’95 Ritchey Logic road bike, the one I took to my first PBP in 1999, from College Park Bicycles. CPB manager Charles P., bless his heart, ably took care of all the details, and there were many. I asked for a conversion to long reach 57mm brakes, which meant a new fork and moving the rear brake bridge. I also wanted a repaint and installation of fender eyelets. Franklin Frame in Ohio did the frame work and repaint, while Bilenky Cycle Works provided a new fork with a classy Pacenti flat crown.

After all these years, I can finally install 700x28s with fenders! My first ride on it today was heavenly. Bilenky’s fork puts the pads at the bottom of the slots and, if anything, improves the handling. Plus, it’s lovely with a nice bend. Franklin’s work is invisible and the paint is an exact match to the original Imron deep red.

Pics to come after I photograph it in the sunlight tomorrow.

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