Awards Season is Now

The Sept. 15 deadline is fast approaching for the RUSA R5000 award. I’m sure everyone who was working toward the award knows this, but just in case, make sure you have the application form and check postmarked by the 15th to get your award processed this year.

The Coveted R5000 Medal
The Coveted R5000 Medal

Yours truly is the R5000 coordinator this year and a handful of applications have already arrived. I expect a bunch more in the next 12 days, with so many of you riding PBP last year.

I’ve had my eye on the R5000 award for years now but only last year managed to ride my first fleche, and this year the 1000K didn’t work out for me and MG. There’s always next year…we see Eastern Pennsylvania RBA Tom Rosenbauer plans to run his 1000K next June 26.

Don’t forget Tom’s new 1240K in late September. Not surprisingly, just 10 spots remain, even though the event is more than a year away. Sign up now to guarantee yourself space.

If you’ve qualified for Super Randonneur status this year, the deadline is Oct. 31.

The 1999 SR Medal
The 1999 SR Medal

D.C. Randonneurs President Nick Bull is the SR Coordinator. Some of you have sent awards applications based on early, incorrect forms posted on the RUSA site, with some SRs to me and a couple of R5000s to Nick. Not to worry. Nick and I see each other regularly and are getting the applications sorted out.

Congratulations to everyone who earned an award, and, of course, to anyone who rode a brevet this year.


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