Jerry Phelp’s Last Chance 1200k

N.C. Randonnuers’ own Jerry Phelps has a place in my PBP memory book. On the fourth day last year, both of us just pedaling towards the finish, we somehow got mixed up with some weirdly clean Italians who we just could not dislodge from our wheels. Last I saw of Jerry he was pulling one of them off into the distance, even though he was riding a single speed.

Hungering for another 1200K accomplishment, Jerry went off to Colorado to ride John Lee Ellis’ Last Chance 1200K, and posted a captivating report with photos at Mike Dayton’s Research Trailer Park blog. See Jerry’s writeup Here.

Jerry finished in 78:59, overcoming winds and rain. (It’s amazing how slow that 60th minute can tick away when folks are finishing a 1200K). Well done Jerry!

An except:

The first day ended in Atwood, Kansas at mile 252 around 8:30 PM—18.5 hours for 400km—not too shabby. After a quick shower and a change of clothes, I ate just about a whole pizza, complements of Charlie and another RMCC volunteer, Dan Shields. JoAnn came in soon after and we decided to share a room. OK, stop thinking what you’re thinking! We had a huge room with a half wall between the two double beds. Hell, I shared a room and a bed with Paul and Branson once, so why not see how the other half lives? Besides, my wife trusts me. Beth knows I’m too damn tired in these events for well . . . . whatever.

Jerry with his finisher's medal
Jerry with his finisher’s medal

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