Cool Temps, Cool Bikes

Nighttime is coming earlier and the evenings have been cool and pleasant here in D.C. the last couple weeks. There is renewed fall energy in the air and we continue to see many bicycle riders after work.

Tonight we ran into Seth, who we met almost a year ago to the day at the Whole Foods on P Street, when we were admiring his converted Breezer Jet Stream mountain bike. Tonight we took a few proper pictures of it. For a bike rescued from a date with the landfill, Seth’s Breezer looks great in a lots-of-life-left way. See more photos at my Flickr page.

We also saw a very clean Milwaukee Bicycles Orange One city bike. It sure stood out among all the everyday bikes lashed to the bike racks.

Seths' Breezer Jet Stream
Seths' Breezer Jet Stream
Milwaukee Bicycles Orange One
Milwaukee Bicycles Orange One

2 thoughts on “Cool Temps, Cool Bikes

  1. That is one sweet breezer, if I must say so myself! Nice to see Ed and Mary again too. A word — I was gently hit by a cab tonight. No damage to me or my bike. First time I have interacted personally with a vehicle. I did dent the cab door slightly with my knee (the cab was beside me when he decided to pull over and into me). Strangely enough, I didn’t launch a verbal barrage at the cabbie. He was very sorry and that went a long way with me.

    So, just a reminder to be careful and curteous out there everybody!

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