Iron Cross VI Cyclocross Pics

UPDATE #3: TDR buddies Mark Drajem and Mark Wigfield have posted their stories on the ride. See them at the DCMTB blog. According to Mark W., I made the “everyman goal” of a sub-6 hours finish. I was working like a dog to beat that time, I’m glad it counted for something! See another sparking report from the front group at the Hill Junkie blog. Guess I wasn’t the only one suffering huge leg cramps.

UPDATE #2: Judy Allison could not ride this year, she says, so she got behind the shutter to catch many of the IC racers in their urgent fury. See her photos at her Picasa page. To find yourself, type your racer number in the upper right search box, and then click “Judy’s Gallery” in the results page upper left. She got photos of me Here. Thanks Judy!

Heading toward something bumpy
Heading toward something bumpy
I got a shot of Judy photographing me
I got a shot of Judy photographing me

UPDATE: Results have been posted. The good news: I made my personal goal of a sub-6 hour finish. The bad news: I came in 70th out of 93 in the 40+ men’s bracket and 183rd of 253 overall. Next year, then.

I had two thoughts during much of Sunday’s Iron Cross VI cyclocross race: “Wow. Better get off and walk,” and “I hope I don’t crash!” Billed as America’s Longest Cyclocross Race, at 62 miles, this beast of a ride in the Michaux State Forest in eastern Pennsylvania had about 300 entrants. The course was something of a brevet on steroids — shorten a 200K to half distance, take out everything flat, use dirt roads to climb granny-steep ridges and then take rock-strewn single track to come down. Repeat over and over.

I’ll have a longer report in a day or two. For now, I’ve posted photos at my Flickr page and the GPS track at my MotionBased page.

A section where only a mountain bike would do
A section where only a mountain bike would do

Thanks to Mark W. and Mark D. for the encouragement to do this “race.” It was more of endurance event to those of us who don’t ride singletrack, and well worth it if you enjoy going outside your normal boundaries once in awhile.


8 thoughts on “Iron Cross VI Cyclocross Pics

  1. It was great to see you yesterday! I wish we could’ve talked more. I’ll be getting back on the DCrand scene once ‘cross season ends.

  2. Ed, youre an animal…in a good sense, of course.

    Maile was killing me on the ride from Hyattstown yesterday…she should have been at the Iron Cross!!

  3. Awesome Branson. I got to use them so much my hands hurt by the end. Nice thing — enough power to do most of the braking on the front wheel on the sketchy gravel downhills and not worry about locking the rear.

    Thanks too Mike!


  4. Ed, cool set of pictures! Reminded me of the whole route (I rode last year; had to sit out this year.) Thanks! Please find my two pictures of you at
    Search for tag 34! (To search for a photo with a tag, type your racer number in the search box that appears in the upper-right corner of the Picasa Web Albums screen. Once the search results appear, choose Judy’s Gallery and voila, there you are! ) I almost captioned ithe picture of you taking a picture of me as “my camera is bigger than yours,” but I restrained myself!
    Again, thanks for your pictures! -Judy
    PS I plan to be riding again next year, not spending the day behind a camera!

  5. Great pictures Ed, how’d you take so many while you were racing? Looking forward to hearing more detail about the epicosity of it all.

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