Cacapon 200K Brevet — Another Keeper

It sure was cold this morning in Middletown, Va. — upper 30s — and got colder as we ventured north and west. But it all worked out well for the 25 riders who came out for a new RUSA-sanctioned brevet by Lynn Kristianson, the Cacapon 200K from Middletown, Va. to Wardensville, W.V. and back in a big northwesterly loop. The temperatures warmed up and a bright shiny day illuminated a rich tapestry of fall colors as we rode along the Cacapon River and motored up the easy side of Wolf Gap.

Robert completed his first brevet today. Here he is atop the Whitacre Road climb.
Robert completed his first brevet today. Here he is atop the Whitacre Road climb.

I’ve posted my GPS track at my Motionbased page and photos at my Flickr page.

Thanks to Lynn Kristianson for this neat ride and to the gang for a another great day in the saddle.


3 thoughts on “Cacapon 200K Brevet — Another Keeper

  1. What keeps me interested in randonneuring is routes like the Cacapon 200. It is a great mix of country roads, climbing, broad vistas and forests. This one should be ridden in late April for the Spring foliage.

  2. Nice pictures, Ed. I’m amazed with the quality you get aiming backwards over your shoulder and around your stoker at 20 mph. And thanks for the tandem tow early in the ride.

    I actually wrote up a ride report for this one, at

    Fantastic fall colors, and a really nice route. If I hadn’t broken a pedal, it would have been my favorite brevet so far.

  3. Hi there, TDR! Enjoyed your post, as always. Also, I just finished reading David Ripton’s account of the ride, and LOVED it! Highly entertaining.

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