David’s Cacapon 200K Story

We have a new story from David Ripton from the Cacapon 200K brevet this weekend plus new photo links and results. Way to go, you guys!

Check out Maile Neel’s photos at her Flickr set, Bill Beck’s Flickr set, and Bill’s GPS track at MotionBased. Bill has also posted the results at the DCR site.

David has written a captivating tale of perseverence at his blog, Not Even My Wife Reads This. Here’s an excerpt:

I know it’s possible to pedal with one foot. I’ve seen an amputee cyclist doing fine, and I’ve read that one-legged pedaling is an excellent exercise for helping two-legged folks develop a smooth circular pedaling stroke. But dragging up a steep hill on Route 55 with traffic whizzing by is not a great place to learn the technique. So I pushed the bike to the top of the hill on the shoulder, waited for a gap in traffic, and practiced my one-footed pedaling on a flatter bit. Just in case this ever happens to you, here are my expert tips based on 10 miles of experience: Lowering my seat a bit helped. Also, it was possible to push a bit with my left foot against the remaining pedal core, except that I had to use the crevice in front of the heel of my shoe, which meant lowering my seat more. So I was pedaling, lopsided, with about 1.25 legs instead of just one, rocking from side to side due to the heel vs. toe and pedal stack height differences. I’m sure the aforementioned amputee cyclist would tell me to quit my bitching and get on with the program as he blew by, so I tried to do that.

Check out the pedal!
David at the Finish: Check out the pedal! (courtesy Maile Neel)
Roger Hillas Makes a Rare Fall Appearance (courtesy Bill Beck)
Roger Hillas Makes a Rare Fall Appearance (courtesy Bill Beck)

One thought on “David’s Cacapon 200K Story

  1. Roger Hillas makes a rare fall appearance–and I’ve been sick ever since. Probably what I deserve for trying to keep up with Andrea Matney.

    But what a beautiful ride on a gorgeous day!

    If the roadside signs are any guide, McCain is definitely going to win West Virginia. But I did see one guy who had put an Obama sign inside his dog’s pen, presumably to prevent theft or vandalism.

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