Velocipede Salon — For the Racer and Collector in All of Us

Let’s face it — Internet lists can be pretty informative, but can also become tedious and circular. There are some notable exceptions — Peter White’s Bicycle Lifestyle list stands out for its civility and focus on the non-racing side of cycling, including randonneuring. I also monitor the Randon, RBW (Rivendell owners) and 650b lists.

Our own Josh Simonds has, with some of the sport’s luminaries, created a cool forum called Velocipede Salon.

Josh easily came in first at the Warrenton 200K
Josh easily came in first at the Warrenton 200K

Maybe you follow bike racing, maybe you even own a bike that won’t take fenders; you might also have a J.P. Weigle on order. VS is your kind of place.

You’re not going to see much if anything about randonneuring, but there is a lot about the cycling biz and some really incredible stuff for sale, including hard-to-get artisan frames, or as I call them, “deposit in a bottle” bikes.

I asked Josh about VS and here’s his take:

“I created it because there was a need to have someplace where bicycle industry types and folks who are just interested in the culture of bicycle can mingle. Think of it like the Salons in Paris before the war where artists and patrons had a drink, listened to music and made a connection through mutual appreciations…I’ve asked Richard Sachs, Steve Hampsten (editor’s note: brother of racer Andy and co-owner of Hampsten Cycles) and others to help me run the place.

“The gents I’ve asked to help include everything from a psychiatrist to a regional sales rep for Time and all have one thing in common: THEY LOVE BICYCLES and are able to foster interesting conversations. Hope that ‘splains it.”

Josh and his wife Doreen Chiatt rode PBP on tandem in 1999 and 2003. Read Josh’s story about their 2003 ride at the RUSA site.

Have a look. Nicely done, Josh.


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