Rick Bidstrup’s Michaux Dirt Roads 100K

MG and I recently caught up with local fast guy Rick Bidstrup, who has come out for a weekend century or two in the past. He told us how he took my GPS track from the Iron Cross VI 62-mile cyclocross race in the Michaux State Forest near Chambersburg, Pa., and came up with a cool 60.5-mile dirt road ride with no rocky singletrack.

See his new route at his Motionbased page and a photoset of the ride at his Pbase photo page.

Rick stripped out the rough sections, including the insane power-line wall, where you have to carry your bike (supplemental oxygen is recommended for this section — I think the fast riders stashed tanks in the woods). He nicely kept the snowmobile tracks, which still give a flavor of the original route, but they are smooth single or double lanes that can be done without getting off your bike. Consider using tires with some tread due to the sandy Michaux soil. I used cyclocross tires and lost traction on some of the ascents when I tried to stand up. And, bring a huge granny gear, or shoes good for walking the steepest parts.

Snowmobile Trail after Double Mirage (courtesy Rick Bidstrup)

Snowmobile Trail after Double Mirage (courtesy Rick Bidstrup)


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