Happy Thanksgiving to All

I hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as the one MG and I enjoyed. We missed our beloved relatives — including daughter DF — that’s to be noted first. But we otherwise made the most of a quiet day together here in Washington, with a nice bike ride out to Potomac, Md. for coffee and sweets, before cooking a little turkey feast for ourselves.

With no traffic to be seen, we rode right through downtown and then took Massachusetts Avenue NW out to Glen Echo, Md.

Cruising Through Downtown D.C. With No Cars!
Cruising Through Downtown D.C. With No Cars!

We got to Starbucks in Potomac before the Bethesda Turkey Trot runners arrived. I snagged a table and coffee while MG bought croissants from Vie de France. This is a good stop for two or three riders, but it’s too small for a bigger group unless it’s warm enough to sit outside.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese. Suprisingly, Not That Good.
Strawberry and Cream Cheese. Suprisingly, Not That Good.

We turned back towards D.C. and rode down MacArthur Boulevard before getting on the Capitol Crescent Trail. We stopped when the front wheel kicked up a twig right into MG’s stoker crank which promptly derailed the timing chain.

Dumped Timing Chain. Bummer!
Dumped Timing Chain. Bummer!

We got that little mechanical sorted out and I made a note to tighten the chain at home. We capped off the ride with a lap around Hains Point, including pulling a fixed gear rider into the wind.

Everybody Likes to Draft a Tandem
Everybody Likes to Draft a Tandem

Little did he know we were bringing three potatoes and stuffing mix home from the store in our Carradice bag. Once we got back to MG’s place, a convenient 1.4 miles from Hains Point, we fired up the coffee pot and started making dinner. Now, that’s a good day. We hope you all had the same.

Thanksgiving Dinner!
Next Stop: Thanksgiving Dinner!

Here’s our route. I posted a photoset at my Flickr page.


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to All

  1. geez, i rode too, but alone — out to occoquan, and then bounced around side streets through fairfax, en route back to dc…your ride sounded better! i sure did like the minimal car traffic…

    ps: dont buy the asymmtriical version of the E3– it’s not as good as the symmtriical E3…didnt i read you (ed?) were considering a dynamo setup?…

  2. Hi Ed and Mary, I got a pre-feast ride in too. We always have dinner with my sister-in-laws family for Thanksgiving and they live in Laurel, MD. Several years ago Crista created a cue sheet for me and I’ve ridden it a few times. Once I met a bike buddy on the WOD and in chatting it turned out he was also going to Laurel with his family so he joined me. He emailed me last week and we joined up yesterday. It is cool to cross right thru the metro area by bike, and of course an awesome prep for the feast!

  3. My wife suggested we join the annual Winchester Wheelmen Turkey Day ride, so we hauled out the Burly tandem and gave the hard boys a run for their mashed ‘taters. I get a devilish glee leading a paceline on a yellow tandem with fenders, lights, and saddle bags, my lovely wife breathing steadily over my shoulder; what a holiday hoot. Happy Thanksgiving.

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