Piney Point Paradise

Sometimes there’s no need for a long story about a great day on the bike, because you just had to be there. Case in point: yesterday we were blessed with a sunny late fall day for Crista Borras’ Pilgrimage to Piney Point. We cruised on deserted roads from Bryantown, Md. south into the heart of southern Maryland along the Potomac River.

Lothar Made A Cameo Appearance
Lothar Made A Cameo Appearance

I posted photos at my Flickr page, or see the Slideshow. The route can be found at my Motionbased page.

Our lunch stop, Evans Seafood in St. George’s Island, did not open until noon, so we had time to dumpster dive.

Looking for Treasure
Looking for Treasure

The result:


At Piney Point, we found this sage advice for randonneurs everywhere:

You Betcha!
You Betcha!

Before lunch, we got a nice group shot on the water’s edge.

Keith, Rudy, Bill, Lothar).
Ed, Mary, Isaias, Crista, Lane, Maile, Chuck, Chris. (Off somewhere else: Keith, Rudy, Bill, Lothar).

Here’s the map view of our route. Thanks for a great ride, everybody!


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