Tour de Tiny Town

Last week I had Friday to ride and called Crista Borras for suggestions from the Hagerstown, Md. area. She suggested a new ride of hers to the iconic Tiny World roadside attraction near Shippensburg, Pa.

Santa, Ready for the Season
Santa, Ready for the Season

This miniature town was built by Ernest Helm for his cats, and has been decorated for the holidays. Learn more about Ernest at Roadside America.

Buildings Dot the Hillside
Buildings Dot the Hillside
Actually, Pretty Big
Actually, Pretty Big

I posted a photoset at my Flickr site,and posted the route to my MotionBased page.

The course winds to the northeast and returns from Shippensburg, where I about fell off my saddle when I saw a fully loaded bike outside the pizza place Crista asked me to investigate for lunch. Out came Max, a bicycle mechanic from New York, who was headed there from Seattle. He had been on the road for three months with his bike — a Specialized aluminum frame and Salsa fork with an Xtracycle for his gear. The bike was clearly a rolling talisman of his trip, with a ladies’ figure skate strapped behind the seat tube, ready to fend off threats real or imagined.

Max, if you’re reading this, post a comment about the rest of your trip!

Max, almost blinking, getting the tunes ready for the leg to Harrisburg, Pa.
Max, almost blinking, getting the tunes ready for the leg to Harrisburg, Pa.

Here’s the route. No big hills, but it is very exposed to the wind. Greencastle, Pa. is featured on the outbound and return legs, with the local Sheetz (have I mentioned their insanely high prices?) serving as the final rest stop, but unfortunately they do not yet have an espresso machine. Maybe Santa will bring them one, along with some pity for their customers who might not want to pay $1.09 for a Snickers or $2.20 for a quart of Gatorade.


One thought on “Tour de Tiny Town

  1. Hate I missed you, Ed. My in-laws live in Maugansville and I was riding some of these same roads during our T’giving visit. I love Rockdale Rd near Wilson. Surprised the Broadfording Rd Hill isn’t on the route with DCR’s penchant for “scenic” rides. I’ll try to ride this route next time I’m up there. Happy Holidays to you and MG-


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