2nd Day of Randonneurmas: Rivendell Triple Tube

Yesterday we started the 12 Days of Randonneurmas by suggesting new wool socks for the randonneur in your life. For the 2nd Day of Randonneurmas how about something as simple and functional for the head? Your head does all the hard work of staying on cue, communicating, breathing, hearing, eating and drinking. Let’s take care of those noggins! Here we give you the Rivendell Bicycle Works Triple Tube.

What you get is a plain merino wool tube. No logo or pom pom. Just soft, thin, stretchy wicking wool. We’re big fans of wool caps, but it can be hard to find one that works well under a helmet that also covers your ears. With the tube, you can pull it down far enough to get those ears covered, then stretch the excess above your head, twist it, and pull it back down to make a cap. It’s also a nice neck gaiter when you want to unzip your jacket but not expose your neck to the cold. Here is MG modeling it both ways:

Mine has been through repeated washings and one inadvertant dryer cycle without any visible wear. Who doesn’t want a little luxurious merino keeping their head warm between rest stops and controls on a cold winter ride? Plus, you get some of that authentic Rivendell goodness without breaking the piggy bank. While you’re at the Riv site, throw in some Kookaburra Wool Wash to keep things clean without stripping off wool’s natural lanolin.

Tomorrow: Something nice for the face.


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