3rd Day of Randonneurmas: Kiehl’s All-Sport “Non-Freeze” Face Protector

Today we celebrate the 3rd Day of Randonneurmas with another handy gift for the winter randonneur — Kiehl’s All-Sport “Non-Freeze” Face Protector SPF 30. MG picked up this great little product and we’re converts. We shortened the name, however, to just “face schmear,” as in, “hey, are you done with the face schmear yet?” Read more about it at Kiehl’s, an old-timey New York apothecary that sells all kinds of neat, if not cheap, body products.

Kiehl's Face  Protector
Kiehl's Face Protector
Kiehl's is small enough to take with you
Kiehl's is small enough to take with you

For something that looks like the ubiquitous office aid Sortkwik, this stuff by Keihl’s is absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily residue. And it works as billed, stopping windburn and, of course, sun damage.

You can order it directly or pick it up at one of their stores, including the local D.C. store in Georgetown. If you’re going to brave the winter winds, you might as well look great afterwards when you modestly recount your adventures!

Tomorrow: High Style.


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