4th Day of Randonneurmas: DCR Wool Jersey

Wool Jersies have made a real comback in the last few years, in tandem with the growth in randonneuring. There are some companies that produce better wool jersies than others, particularly Woolistic and Ibex.

This year Michael Scholten is arranging the latest DCR wool jersey order with Woolistic, and they promise to look great in a classy red and grey. They would make a terrific gift for a randonneur.

Here is an image of the proposed jersey that Michael has uploaded to Flickr; the final may change slightly. Prices are $79 for the short sleeve and $87 for the long sleeve, with a flat rate of $7 shipping. Contact Michael right away to order at mschol17@hotmail.com.

The New DCR Jersey
The New DCR Jersey

These are very affordable and the durability of Woolistic is unmatched. Seattle International Randonneurs have been wearing Woolistic for a few years now and those blue jersies never seem to wear out. They are machine washable. I have put my SIR jersey through multiple washings and lots of wear and it still looks new, save for one tiny hole developing along one of the flocked letters. Ours will have the club name chain stitched rather than have flocking.

Here’s Michael at the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop during our 2007 400K. The jersies we purchased that year turned out pretty big and Michael used his as a sweater with room to spare over stuffed pockets! We expect the Woolistic models will fit true to size and not stretch or shrink. Thanks Michael and Happy Randonneurmas to you for taking on this project.

Michael in Shepherdstown
Michael in Shepherdstown

Update: I received a very nice note from Harth Huffman at Wabi Woolens suggesting that their jersies are among the most durable on the market. I have no reason to doubt it, I just have no first hand experience with their products. Harth offered me one of their jersies to test. I declined, because TDR is not really a gear test blog. Still, it was a generous offer. TDR knows one local randonneuse (not MG) who is very particular about her wool wear and is happy with Wabi.

Update No. 2: I recalled Chuck Lathe owns a grey Woolistic jersey and that I photographed him when we rode the N.C. Randonneurs 300K and 400K last year. Here’s Chuck with the jersey — to see a larger photo, click on the original Here.

Branson and Chuck Lathe -- Chuck in a Woolistic Gray Jersey
Branson and Chuck Lathe -- Chuck in a Woolistic Gray Jersey

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