Woodbine Wallop 200K Results and Photos

D.C. Randonneurs RBA Bill Beck has posted results and photos from Saturday’s Woodbine Wallop 200K RUSA brevet. See the results at the D.C. Randonneurs site and photos at his Flickr page.

A group of 21 riders braved cold, wind and many hills on this route, with all but one finishing within the time limit and the lone DNF riding back to the start via a shortcut. Everybody on this ride gets an official TDR “True Randonneur” sticker.

All photos courtesy Bill Beck.

Here is Bill’s report to the DCR email list:

21 very hardy randonneurs turned out for the Woodbine Wallop 200kmbrevet on Saturday. As late as the morning before the ride, we weren’t sure if we would be able to do the planned route, or even do the ride at all. But the weather cooperated, and the rains of the previous day dried on Friday afternoon. However, a localized snow shower Friday night dusted the Park and Ride and surrounding roads with a layer of snow, so the start was more wintery than expected. Temperatures were around 28F at the start, but the sun finally came out and temperatures warmed all the way into the high 30s(!)

The Woodbine Wallop was a very challenging course with several steep climbs, and around 10,100 feet of total climbing. But this amazing bunch handled it in stride, and all 21 starters arrived back at the Woodbine Pizza Hut under their own power. A big “Chapeau” to all of you. The fastest time was almost 10 hours, with all riders finishing after sunset. Tom Reeder showed that he is truly a hard-core randonneur by riding to the finish even though the cold and hills had pushed him past the official finishing time.

Special congratulations to George Moore and Ken Widmaier, who completed this monster of a ride as their first brevet! And thanks to Jeff Magnuson for volunteering to register riders at the start, Nick Bull for designing a back-up route in case weather made the roads to Shepherdstwon unsafe, and Crista Borras for helping design part of the route.

When I did the checkout ride the previous weekend, I thought “Whoa, that was a tough ride. It was probably not very smart to schedule it near the shortest day of the year.” And, I appreciate that no riders gave me a Woodbine Wallop at the end. (Some actually seemed to like the route.) But I will try to set up a much more mellow brevet, perhaps into Southern Maryland, in early February to average things out a bit.



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