7th Day of Randonneurmas: Toe Warmers

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas makes the turnaround and heads toward the finish with another one of those small items that can make a big difference on a cold, windy day. MG and I are dedicated users of Grabber Toe Warmers, those little chemical warmer pads, that help put the fun into winter riding.

Toe Warmers!
Toe Warmers!

I put them on my socks over the toes, while MG puts them under her toes, before we put on our shoes and booties. Our feet don’t get hot — rather, they don’t get cold. They last about four hours, and we’ll use two sets to get through a 200K.

REI sells them locally, but they can be had much more inexpensively online, often for less than $1 a pair. We also know at least one randonneuse who buys the larger Grabber Hand Warmers and puts them in her gloves. Either kind make excellent stocking stuffers.

Tomorrow: Something to Read.


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