8th Day of Randonneurmas: Dirt Rag Magazine

We’re quickly headed towards the latter stages of The 12 Days of Randonneurmas, and time is running out to get that special randonneur something they will enjoy all year. Today’s suggestion will give them a little lift every time it arrives in the mail: Dirt Rag magazine.

Dirt Rag Magazine
Dirt Rag Magazine

Falling somewhere between the rarely published, ideosyncratic Rivendell Reader and the intellectually technical Bicycle Quarterly, Dirt Rag is something of the New Yorker of bicycling. It keeps you up-to-date on off-road cycling trends in a style that’s interesting even if your tires never touch dirt, while aspiring to keep storytelling alive — something near and dear to TDR. It holds an annual literature contest, and the stories are really good.

Dirt Rag manages to focus on riding over racing and is not afraid to throw randonneuring into the mix; local randonneur Paul Donaldson was featured in one issue and the magazine regularly tests randonneur-suitable bikes. For us winter riders, the online side has a very timely feature on studded tires. Aside from the always-entertaining and well-edited American Randonneur, which we get with our RUSA membership, MG and I drop everything and read every new issue cover to cover. How could gift giving be any easier?

Tomorrow: Let’s stay safe out there.


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