9th Day of Randonneurmas – Safety

Merry Randonneurmas, or as we say on this side of the pond, Happy Audaxmas! While solar-powered cyclists never roll rubber outside their thresholds when it’s dark out, and while standard bike commuters ride in darkness only a fraction of the year, we randonneurs may be riding after dark year-round. As a result. many of us may have purchased our body weight in reflective materials over the years. But we often find we could use more, because that ankle band got lost at the bottom of the trunk/closet/sketchy descent and just doesn’t want to be found.

RUSA reflective ankle bands
It is fortunate, then, that the USA’s randonneur sanctioning body sells such gear, with its logo. I’m familiar with these bands sans logo: They’re nice and stretchy.

RUSA reflective sash
I prefer this type of Sam-Browne-style sash to the vest for randonneuring. You can always fit it over a hydration pack, if that’s how you prefer your water supply, without looking like a hunchback.

You will find it convenient that both are stocking sized. They can also be used to dress up a tree, if it’s looking a bit bare. You could even loop a bunch of the ankle bands together to form the oddest Christmas garland ever. It will look even odder in the photographs.

Check out this gear and more at the The Randonneurs USA store.

Tomorrow: Something Yummy.

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