10th Day of Randonneurmas: Clif Shot Blocks

I showed up at PBP last year with only minimal sports food, thinking I would scrounge up some gels to carry with me to supplement the bounty that is French cooking. An American randonneuse who brought over some Clif Shot Blocks said she had far too many and I bought a few packs from her.

Pina Colada, Orange, Margarita, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Cran-Razz
Clockwise from Upper Left: Pina Colada, Orange, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry, Margarita, Cran-Razz

Glad I did! These tasty little gel cubes saved me more than once in the last 10 miles before a control, when the previous control’s food was a distant memory and I was starting to get that light-headed feeling. I actually rationed my four packs and treated myself only in the latter stages of a segment, as a reward when the kilometers seemed to drag on and on.

We’ve been using them regularly this year on brevets and centuries and had excellent results. They have none of the mess of gels, don’t melt, and kill a bonk quickly. Plus, they taste good. We especially like the Margarita flavor, which has extra salt, and the caffeinated Orange and Black Cherry.

There’s no substitute for solid food. But between rest stops it can be mighty nice to eat something really sweet that is also easily digestible. And, the compact size makes for an excellent stocking stuffer.

Tomorrow: A Little Cheer for Your Steed


4 thoughts on “10th Day of Randonneurmas: Clif Shot Blocks

  1. I find I have to eat these with a little discretion as I can get gutaches if I pound too many too quickly. Then again, I have a sensitive stomach while riding, as we know. On the other hand, I love the format.

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