11th Day of Randonneurmas: Tiny Lites

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas is in the home stretch. We’re getting a little nostalgic already about the fast-moving holiday season. I hope the time with friends and family in the coming two weeks doesn’t fly by too quickly.

It’s the longest night of the year and a good one for Tiny Lites, those little battery-powered LED Christmas lights. We found them here at CVS for $3 for a string of 20. They aren’t super-bright, but they are eye-catching after dark. MG has been commuting with a set on her Long Haul Trucker and getting positive comments. Yesterday we rode a century with them flashing on our tandem. Fun!

We also wanted to put a wreath on our Carradice bag, but the only ones we found were too big. It’s on our list for next year.

Tomorrow: Priceless.


One thought on “11th Day of Randonneurmas: Tiny Lites

  1. Ed, I’ve really enjoyed reading this through the year. It is great for keeping us all in touch.

    Here’s hoping we all have as great a year in 2009!

    PS – try a candle ring for the bag, looks like a 10′ wreath.

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