12th Day of Randonneurmas: Time, Together

The inaugural 12 Days of Randonneurmas have flown by, haven’t they? It’s been fun thinking about those little snacks and balms and gadgets that make randonneuring — and any long distance ride — a little more enjoyable.

But the one thing that you can’t buy is time. You can only spend it. And to my way of thinking, the best way to spend time on the bike is with friends old and new. Cycling can be a solitary escape and that’s often a good thing. But it’s also a wonderful way to get together with like-minded people from different walks of life to enjoy the countryside and a good meal together.

Take a minute and think about the great rides you had this year, and the laughs and tribulations shared with your riding buddies. That’s what it’s all about, my friends. Happy Holidays, and see you on the road.


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