Swap Season and LEL Waiting List

(UPDATE JAN. 5: Rick Carpenter sent along a better LEL website, which has been updated recently. Go to http://www.aukweb.net/el/index.htm for the latest. Thanks Rick!)

Original post:
TDR’s own Jon Gardner forwarded me an email from the Audax UK list that LEL is now filled and a waiting list is being made. This information does not appear on the official LEL site, which itself has not been updated since September, so check it out for yourself. Neither me nor Jon is riding LEL so we’re not looking into the details any further at this point.

I know some of you are targeting LEL this year. Fair warning — it’s very unlike PBP. If you like your grand randonnees to have a minimalist flair and don’t mind vast stretches of road where you don’t see any other cyclists and drivers blast past you as they do here in the USA, then LEL is for you. It helps if you thought PBP ended too soon and you really wanted to ride another day. A GPS unit will also help immensely. On the plus side, the Scottish portion is lovely.

Here’s the word:


Posted by: “Melita Luxton” mel@luxton.f9.co.uk
Fri Jan 2, 2009 3:11 am (PST)

Just to gentle reminder that LEL is now full.

If you want to go on the waiting list, please send your name and address by email to me on lel@luxton.f9.co.uk


Meanwhile, Rudy H. forwarded me an announcement of the three regional swaps coming in February and March. They charge $5 each for admission. See more at Stop, Swap and Save.

Here is the rundown:
Feb. 8 Westminster, Md.
Feb. 22 Washington, Pa.
Mar. 1 Chesterfield, Va.

2 thoughts on “Swap Season and LEL Waiting List

  1. I just squeeked in under the wire registering in the end of December and will be riding LEL in July. While full, the organizers are building a waiting list. There is a forum as part of YACF to keep up to date with topcs related to LEL2009. The link is here:



    George Swain
    RUSA #4232
    West Park, NY

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