Rides: Having Fun, London To Cambridge

VII miles to go.
Historic milepost says it all: VII miles to go.

I haven’t been having enough fun lately.

That is to say, I have fun every time I’m out on a bicycle. It’s just that many of my rides lately have been on familiar roads in Hertfordshire–to Washington, DC, cyclists, the equivalent of loops around Poolesville. Fun, sure, but not the adventure I craved. I wanted new, unfamiliar roads and a destination worth talking about.

I’d had a hankering for awhile to ride north to Cambridge (yes, home to the university), about 50-odd miles north of London, and take the train back. It was definitely in the range of my fitness, and surely a worthy target. So with my new Christmas gift, I plotted a GPS route and made plans for Saturday.

Quiet road away from urban bustle.
Quiet road away from urban bustle.

It was unfortunate that the weather forecast for Saturday included the term “freezing fog,” so I reset for Sunday, which called for some of the warmest temperatures we’ve seen in weeks and “freshening southwest breezes” to push me on my northbound ride. It was a good choice, as I covered the 59 miles in 3 hours 41 minutes of rolling time. Free of traffic in London and then Hertford, the bulk of my ride was on quiet “B” roads. There was one missed turn, due to pilot error rather than GPS error.

My route delivered me directly to the Cambridge rail station, where a train back to London Kings Cross station arrived about 10 minutes after I did. There was no designated bike space aboard, but it was an express train, so I didn’t need to move it away from the doors for boarding riders at any point.

Motionbased data here. Flickr photoset here.


One thought on “Rides: Having Fun, London To Cambridge

  1. I was a student at Cambridge not long ago, and rode that connection often, usually in the reverse direction. Some days were down and back, including the day we went to the London time trial that marked the start of the TDF. Since then I have moved to DC… I have come across your blog before, by way of the dc rando group pages I think. Any rate, its nice to think of that ride again – beautiful countryside.


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