Final D.C. Randonneurs Jersey

Michael Scholten announced this week that the D.C. Randonneurs wool jersey order is in the final stages, though you still have time to buy one. Based on timetables by Woolistic, the original dark gray color scheme has been reversed to crimson red with white lettering and gray highlights, which should arrive in time for spring riding.

However, you must get your check into Michael’s hands no later than Monday Feb. 2. If you need to reach Michael, leave a note in the comments area below this post and I’ll pass it to him. Short sleeve jersies are $79, long sleeves cost $87, plus $7 flat fee for shipping.

Below is a depiction of the jersey. Sharp, huh? Michael says the red should match the Alfa Romeo Trainer at the Vintage Velos site, where you will also find a men’s sizing chart.

Women’s sizing is as follows:
Bust: XS = 30 S = 32 M = 34 L = 36 XL = 38
Hips: XS=33 S=35 M=37 L=39 XL=41

New DC Randonneurs Wool Jersey
New DC Randonneurs Wool Jersey

Thanks to Michael for working many weeks on this project. They are going to look terrific.

5 thoughts on “Final D.C. Randonneurs Jersey

  1. Is a DC Randonneurs jersey an annual thing? I will be moving to DC from CO come fall and moving from Rocky Mountain Cycling to DC Randonneurs; I would love to get a jersey, though I have clearly missed this time around… Thanks!

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