Velo Orange Visit Photos

Crista and Chuck led their Saturday ride to Annapolis to up-and-coming bicycle web retailer Velo Orange. Sadly, neither me nor MG could make the ride, but pal Maile N. took a bunch of great photos for us to enjoy. See them on her Flickr page. We’re sorry to have missed the warm weather, the nice group, and all the goodies.

Next time you need a headset, seat post or brakes — or a new randonneur bike — check out Velo Orange. MG and I are fans. Someday our custom sized randonneur and touring frames will arrive. Not that there’s any big rush.

UPDATE: Sadly, we heard this week (Feb. 12) that VO has been forced to cancel our our lugged VO frame orders and will refund our deposits. Builder Johnny Coast was unable to supply any more frames, Chris says. VO continues to supply tig-welded frames made by Ahren Rogers. The upside: Rogers-built frames are a fair bit less expensive than the Coast models.

Great Bikes at Velo Orange (courtesy Maile Neel)
Great Bikes at Velo Orange (courtesy Maile Neel)



2 thoughts on “Velo Orange Visit Photos

  1. Thanks for this post. George E in Texas has a beautiful machine from Velo Orange — in a color that matches the name and with a great Ostrich bag on the front.

    Mike / Raleigh

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