PA Randonneurs 200K: Strong Winds, Stronger Riders

While we were enjoying warm, if windy, conditions on Saturday riding around Richmond, the tough got going in the cold at the Pennsylvania Randonneurs 200k brevet, the first ACP event of the season for PAR. TDR buddy Tom Rosenbauer reports a whole batch of heroics ensued. Here’s his report:

Greetings, PA R-12 participant,

Preliminary Results for the PA200k (4/4/09 edition) have been posted. Please let me know of any corrections or other issues. Results will be submitted as soon as RUSA processes some pending applications, and will then become final, pending RUSA/ACP approval.

Congratulations to all the participants who ventured out into wind conditions that were unprecedented — I can’t recall ever seeing the winds blow as hard and as long as they did on Saturday. Looking over the 12-hour weather history, the average wind speed was in the mid 20’s and at mid-day, was over 30 MPH. Gusts were well in the 40’s with maximums that were just short of 50 MPH. The PA200k course is plenty hard enough, and the “Difficulty Factor” of the wind made it a epic saga for all.

Truly, this was a character building ride that finishers will be able to draw upon, as they tackle other challenges. And Joe Carbone came away with the most character building , as measured by time on the road. Although outside the time limit at the Fox Gap controle, he finished the ride under his own power — battling those headwinds on his own — for 17 hours and 5 minutes. How about that, for a display of mental fortitude!

Congratulations to first finishers, Nate Morgenstern and Juan Salazar, who came in a few minutes before Craig Martek and John Wichard.

After the heavy rains a couple of days before the event, the parking lot at the hostel swallowed up several cars that needed to be towed out. In talking this over with Jerri Ann at the hostel, she said that for future events, she plans to put out traffic cones to outline the safe parking areas.

Special thanks to volunteer Nate Morgenstern who led the way with the sign-in sheets and helped out with the BBQ at the finish. Thanks also, to Rick Carpenter and the other veteran PA riders for lending a hand as needed, at the finish.

Check out Juan Salazar’s report and pictures at these links: and

And Kate Marshall’s nice report is here:

Eric Keller has posted here:

And Craig Martek writes: “Just wanted to thank you for another fantastic ride! Again, one that will forever be in my memory. The climbs and scenery would have been enough, but to add temps and winds both in the 40’s, a little rain and a few seconds of frozen stuff was even more memorable. Then to add icing to the cake, some deer, a dog, a few trash cans and a near miss from a flying piece of barn roofing – now you can’t beat those very easily!! … Thanks again Tom! Looking forward to seeing everyone again next month!”

Craig, BTW, rode his very first brevet ever, on the inaugral edition of the PA1000k in 2007 … he’s now working on the shorter brevets and will be clipping in for the EM1240k this fall.

I’m looking forward any other ride reports and pictures that the riders may have.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA


2 thoughts on “PA Randonneurs 200K: Strong Winds, Stronger Riders

  1. Dear Lord, what will Tom serve up next for rando’s – fire and brimestone? Did anyone see an old women in rocking chair fly by? Auntie Em! Auntie Em! LOL

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