MG Thursday: Randonneuring – for the Domestically Disinclined.

Those French! They were really onto something when they created the niche sport of randonneuring. There are many great aspects to this activity— personal challenge, time with friends, seeing new places—but none are so great as the benefit of getting to avoid weekend chores.

Even if you run a marathon, you still have time to do your laundry in the afternoon. That’s why I started randonneuring. With randonneuring, the majority of the day is devoted to the ride. And for long rides, the day and NIGHT is consumed with riding. Randonneuring is an ideal sport for the domestically disinclined.

Wanting to avoid mopping and vacuuming? Sign up for a 200K. Interested in adding laundry to the mix? Get out there for a 300K. Dusting and mowing, too? Maybe there’s a 400K on the schedule. And to get out of it ALL, a 600K is the perfect ride for you (although the after-effects may also seep into Monday at the office).

Not only is randonneuring pleasurable with regard to where the journey takes me, but for the duration of the ride I get to distance myself from all my cares while my dirty clothes and unpaid bills lie in wait for me at home.

Soon after I started riding with the DC Randonneurs, I met Ed Felker, an avid brevet rider. I felt uncertain about riding brevets, but when I saw what happens to the person left at home sans control card and holding the spatula I changed my tune and hopped on the bike. Wait a minute, buddy, we’re in this together, I thought. And there’s no way I’m staying home with kitchen duty while you galavant around the countryside convenience stores. I think this is one of the many factors that makes Ed and me such a strong tandem team… neither one of us wants to do housework.

Thank you, French people! You created an activity that suits my lifestyle perfectly– a weekend pass to be out riding around on my bike while the dirty dishes languish and the dust bunnies frolic.

P.S. Enjoy the rides this weekend, DCR fleche riders! We’ll be thinking of you while the dishwasher runs and we wander the aisles of the grocery store!

5 thoughts on “MG Thursday: Randonneuring – for the Domestically Disinclined.

  1. And don’t forget … all the time getting ready for randonneuring keeps you away from the dust bunnies, too. And can you really get anything done the day after a 300K?

  2. …another gem by MG! I would write more, but I have to go mow the lawn. Wait! …on second thought I think the timing chain on the Burley needs to be lubed – the grass will have to wait…

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