MG Thursday: Socially Acceptable Bragging Part I of III, The “How Was Your Weekend” Conversation

No one likes a braggart, and I am quite sure braggarts are not in the spirit of randonneuring. However, randonneurs need to capitalize on all opportunities to celebrate their rides with others. For lack of a better term, I call this bragging, but in a completely socially acceptable way! After all, aside from buying yourself a medal, what other reward to you get? Bragging is all we have. A variety of socially acceptable methods for bragging about rides exist. Over the following three weeks, I will share these proven approaches that allow you to commemorate your ride, avoid being labeled a braggart, and preserve the spirit of randonneuring in your heart.

Some socially acceptable bragging opportunities present themselves more easily than others. The “how was your weekend” discussion is one of the most obvious. In order to capitalize on the “how was your weekend” discussion, it is important that you make it into the office on Monday, no matter how tired you are. By Tuesday, people have lost interest in what happened over the weekend and have fully transitioned into work week activities.

Usually, conversations about the weekend present themselves in three ways.

1.Your coworker says hello and asks “What did you do this weekend?” This is an open invitation to brag (with some humility, of course. You must maintain the spirit of randonneuring.). You may immediately state that you rode x miles over the weekend. This will usually impress your coworker.

2.Your coworker says hello and asks “How was your weekend?” This question requires you to respond in such a way that your colleague will ask you a follow-up question. Do not simply answer “My weekend was good,” as this is not likely to open the door for further discussion about your ride.

For example, you may say “It was great, but my ankle is a little sore today.” This is an excellent prompt for an additional question. You are almost guaranteed a “Really, why does your ankle hurt?” And then you may state that you rode x miles over the weekend. As in #1, this will usually impress your coworker.

(Note: If you choose to make a statement regarding your personal pain, make sure it is pain in a normal area. Words like “saddle sores” freak people out and they will be loathe to ask you why you have them.)

3.No one says hello to you when you arrive at the office. Thus, you must seek out coworkers and ask them about their weekend. Unless your coworkers are megalomaniacs they will be polite and in turn ask you about how your weekend was. When this occurs, please refer to #1 or #2, as applicable.

The spirit of randonneuring also dictates share and share alike. After telling the tale of your exploits, it is only polite to ask your colleague about his or her weekend, no matter how much premature bias you have that it will pale in comparison to your great cycling achievement. This is especially difficult to remember to do after a 600K. However, your colleague will be grateful that you asked, and you never know what exciting thing they may have done that could perhaps hold a small candle to your outstanding ride.

2 thoughts on “MG Thursday: Socially Acceptable Bragging Part I of III, The “How Was Your Weekend” Conversation

  1. Great post topic Mary. I look forward to the next three weeks and seeing you and Ed at the Frederick 400.

  2. Loved it! My problem is I have been doing a brevet every weekend, so my colleagues don’t bother to ask me anymore. Occasionally I get the “How many miles this weekend?”. So now I’m pretty much sticking with #3

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