Gold Rush Randonnee’s DCR finishers

The Gold Rush Randonnee wrapped up Friday evening. Congratulations to DCR regulars Mary Crawley, her tandem partner (and TDR fave) Jeff Bauer of Nashville, Carol Bell and Bill Olsen for their successful finishes. Read more at the Gold Rush homepage.

We hoped to ride this randonnee this year. I am very envious of all the riders and also congratulate the Davis Bike Club for another successful edition. Great job, all.


2 thoughts on “Gold Rush Randonnee’s DCR finishers

  1. Forwarding on my congratulations to our ‘local’ riders for an 100% successful completion. And way to go Carol – a fantastic completion time!

    Also, I noticed that Judith Swallow (UK) and John Evans (Aussie) successfully completed as well. I had the opportunity to be with them during last summer’s 1001 Miglia Italia Randonnee, finishing with Judith the last 30 or so miles back to Milan. BTW, did you know that John Evans was the former drummer for Jethro Tull? – now you do…


  2. Actually, John was the former keyboard player for Tull, not that I recognized him when I met him on the GRR last week – he sure looks different from when I saw him play in the 70s – when I ran into him at the hotel I just thought he was another crazy Aussie on a fixie – but now I understand why he had both the nerve and the dinero to fly to California on a whim in the hopes of riding the GRR without having pre-registered. Awesome.

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