DCR Woodbine Wallop 200K Brevet

Mother Nature smiled on the D.C. Randonneurs 200K brevet on Saturday by holding back the big heat until the next day. The Woodbine Wallop runs from Woodbine, Md. southwest to Shepherdstown, W.V. and returns, taking in some of the most scenic climbs in between. Regular D.C. area riders cringe when they hear a ride includes Marlu Ridge (The Hard Way) and Reno Monument road, not to mention Buffalo Road near the finish.

Undaunted, 27 riders showed up and 25 finished. Best wishes to Jim Levitt, who took a spill and broke his collarbone on one of the sharp turns near the start. The rest of us soldiered on, covering more than 11,000 feet of climbing under mostly sunny skies and light winds.

See my photoset at my Flickr page, and esteemed RBA Bill Beck’s Flickr set.

This was the first brevet for MG and me since our wedding, so we dubbed it our “honeymoon brevet.” We had no tandem team meetings, but we did indulge in a couple of crucial stops to catch our breath and snack in the afternoon.

Thanks to Bill and volunteers, especially Keith Krombel, who we were glad to see again. Here is Bill’s report:

Twenty seven riders showed up in Woodbine yesterday for the second staging of the Woodbine Wallop. The weather turned out being better than expected. Temperatures were cool in the morning and never got too hot. And none of the possible showers materialized. Twenty five of the starters made it over all of the “skull and crossbones” climbs, some with 16% grades, and reached the finish.

Unfortunately, Jim Levitt crashed only 12 miles into the ride and broke his collarbone. Jim saw the doctor, who apparently confirmed that the bone was broken, but I haven’t heard any other information. We all wish Jim a speedy recovery from the classic pro racer injury.

Thanks to Keith Krombel for driving out to Woodbine to help with morning registration, despite having only partial movement in his (dominant) right hand. The hand seems to be the limiting factor in his recovery now, but it continues to show increased movement, which is a very good sign. Thanks also to Crista for bringing the route maps – a very useful aid that many clubs can’t provide.

And special congratulations to Chris Mento who completed the final ride that he needs for the Ultra Randonneur award. In case you aren’t familiar with that one (http://www.rusa.org/award_ur.html), it is more or less equivalent to 10 Super Randonneur awards.

Preliminary ride results are posted at http://www.dcrand.org/dcr/results.php?page=display-results&year=2009. My pictures from the ride are posted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wabeck/sets/72157621864836383/. (The separate site that hosted the captioned slide shows doesn’t seem to work anymore.)

Next up is the Civil War Tour 200K on Sep. 19. This is a new route that travels through four Civil War battlefields (Monacacy, South Mountain, Antietam, and Gettysburg) in chronological order from 1862 to 1864.



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