Granite Anvil 1200K Update: Can-Am Award and Photos

Three DCR regulars joined the field at the inaugural Granite Anvil 1200K last weekend, and I neglected to mention in my earlier post that two of them — Carol Bell and Bill Olsen of New Jersey — earned the Can-Am Challenge Award with their successful completions. The award goes to randonneurs who complete 1200K randonnees in Canada and the USA in the same year.

Also bagging the award was Aussie randonneur Hans Dusink, the past Randonneurs Mondiaux president, who rode with us on the Woodbine Wallop 200K. He, Carol and Bill completed the Gold Rush Randonnee in California in July before taking on the GA this month.

Fellow DCR Granite Anvil finisher Maile Neel has put up a big set of photos from her ride. Check them out at her Flickr page. Nice work Maile!


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