MG Thursday: Randonneur Dreams Coming True

Photo by CDD Photography (c)
Photo by CDD Photography (c)

Greetings, all. I know I haven’t written in a month of Thursdays, but please know I was taking care of important randonneur business. I couldn’t let my tandem captain get away so last month I married him.

Now my randonneur dreams can all come true, with my randonneur spouse by my side. I thought life was good when I first met the randonneuring community. Then I thought life got a little better as my bike stable grew and my wool collection flourished. But a randonneur spouse?  That’s the icing on the cake!

Photo by CDD Photography (C)
Photo by CDD Photography (c)

Spare Tubus rack laying around the house? Act fast, it can be yours. See a Carradice in your home that looks like it would go perfectly on your bike? Just “borrow” it. Dying to go riding at 4 a.m.? So is your randonneur spouse! And really, who needs a dining room? Just put all your bikes in there and eat off the coffee table.

Of course, it isn’t always paradise in the randonneur home. When it’s your Tubus rack that “goes missing” on your partner’s bike, it isn’t always that exciting. Just ask Ed. And keeping the bike stable allocation somewhat “fair” and manageable can also be a challenge. We don’t want our whole place covered in bikes now, do we? Overall, though, it’s a pretty good setup.

Initially, my randonneur spouse and I had visions of completing a 1200K as our honeymoon. But honeymoon and 1200K don’t really ring synonymous with me and we shifted gears, opting for a bike tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway instead. Thanks to our friends who encouraged and helped us in that pursuit! Now my dreams of a bike tour honeymoon with my randonneur spouse can also come true!

Photo by CDD Photography (C)
Photo by CDD Photography (c)

One thought on “MG Thursday: Randonneur Dreams Coming True

  1. Icing on the cake, indeed…

    When I heard you were planning to be married this summer I had so many great ideas for the ceremony, not the least of which was a ceremonial brazing together of the S+S couplings on the Co-Motion as you exchanged vows! Maybe I should stick to driving a truck, instead of wedding planning…

    Congratulations you two… may you share many happy miles together!

    Ron & Barbara Anderson

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