RUSA Election Week, And a Pitch for Your Vote

Less than one week remains in the 2009 RUSA board of directors election. Yours truly –hey, me, Ed Felker, not MG! — is running for one of two open seats this year.

Voting is as easy as turning in your control card. Check out the candidate biographies at the RUSA web site and then send an email to Edward Robinson with your name, member number and your votes.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the candidates. If you value experience, however, you should vote for Jennifer Wise. She helped found RUSA at a time when American randonneuring was at a crossroads and needed fresh leadership, and continues to keep RUSA strong and innovative. Jennifer gets my vote.

That leaves the rest of us. I offer myself as a candidate who has been a randonneur since 1996 and a volunteer for the D.C. Randonneurs and RUSA. I was processing R5000 applications Wednesday evening and realized how many friends I’ve made in this sport and how many great rides we’ve all enjoyed together. The growth in interest in randonneuring in RUSA’s first 11 years is just astounding. I want to help that trend continue.

It helps to have been there in the 90s when RUSA was born to see how much a vibrant, responsive national organization can keep the wheels turning. The newsletter, the online store, the fast processing of results — it all happens because RUSA has such dedicated volunteers. I can assure you I’ll do everything I can to keep RUSA humming right along.

My personal interest is to see RUSA offer some kind of formal recognition to clubs. That’s an idea that has to be discussed with the rest of the board, but I think the clubs are the heart of this sport and we should try to give them all the support they need.

Thanks for reading, and whoever you support, don’t forget to vote by next Thursday, Oct. 15. Your voice is important!

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