Congrats to the RUSA Election Winners

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the RUSA board election. I came very close but fell just short with a third-place finish behind Jennifer Wise and Cecil Reniche-Smith in the race for two seats. John Lee Ellis, running unopposed, was re-elected as RBA liaison.

Jennifer won going away with 239 votes, Cecil and I polled in the low 100s; she outran me by 12 votes. Greg Olmstead and Phyllis Hamilton polled in the 40s.

Assuming everyone voted for two, that’s a turnout of about 293 voters among the 2,349 active members, for an estimated turnout of 12.5 percent.

Congratulations to Jennifer, Cecil and John Lee. I hope to get another chance to run; in the meantime, I plan to continue volunteering for RUSA and for D.C. Randonneurs. See you out there!


9 thoughts on “Congrats to the RUSA Election Winners

  1. Ed,
    I sincerely wanted you as a board member, and pleased that you plan to actively participate in future RUSA & DCR happenings.

    PS: I wonder why the low turnout; especially since voting was a relatively effortless process. This does however show how significant one individual’s response can be to the overall outcome.

  2. Ed, I am disappointed for you and us. But I’m glad you are taking this is a positive manner and looking forward to continued involvement.

  3. Well, it’s too bad, but … this is a sport that’s all about hanging in there for the long haul, and there’s a RUSA Board election every year …

    Maybe those low vote turnouts are an opportunity. I guess it’d be handy to know the geographic pattern of turnout, though. Maybe it’s just the mid-Atlantic region and the Northwest that voted :-)

    Regardless, and more seriously, I wonder if the low turnout is an indication that RUSA is not communicating effectively with members. I could easily see people overlooking the election in the American Randonneur — I did. It’s also easy to overlook it on the RUSA website. Many rando clubs have finished their season before the start of the election, so their members might well have no reason to be looking at the RUSA website. I don’t recall getting any direct email about the election. That might be an effective approach. But I’m told that lots of members’ addresses are out of date, though I don’t see anywhere on the RUSA website to update member info.

  4. Thanks guys. It’s good that RUSA has a lot of volunteers and folks who want to serve on the board, and there’s room for people to serve now and others like me to serve later. I’ll run again and appreaciate your support this year.

  5. That is disappointing. But I suspect that name recognition plays a significant role in these elections. So I’m glad to hear that you will run again. People from other areas will hopefully remember your name and picture next time.

  6. Hi, Ed,

    Better luck next year. I am pretty puzzled about the low turnout. We heard about it in American Randonneur, over the interwebs at the Randon group, and my club sent bulk email to its membership reminding us to vote.

    It wasn’t that tough to figure out how/when to vote. One could vote via email for god’s sake (thank you Ed Robinson for tallying all those votes!).

    Given how smoothly RUSA headquarters operates (from the outside, anyway), I wonder how much the low turnout reflects the general satisfaction with the way things are currently run? I know the UMCA turnout went up (and membership down) during their recent founderitis flare-up.

    Best Regards,


    William M. deRosset
    RUSA 2401

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