Chuck and Crista’s Training and Touring Rides Blog

Looking for a century ride in the mid-Atlantic area? Crista Borras and Chuck Wood lead informal century rides most weekends, often on both days. Crista is a route-maker extraordinaire, as most anyone who has been on a ride of hers can verify. The rides are absolutely free, the cue sheets impeccable, and she includes shortcuts for those who don’t want to cover the entire distance.

Crista usually posts her ride announcements on Wednesday or Thursday, sometimes Friday if the forecast is uncertain. Check out the latest each week at their blog, Chuck and Crista Training and Touring Rides.

MG and I have been riding with C&C for five years now, and I rode with them on my own for another seven years before that. Thanks Crista for all the great memories and the great times to come.

3 thoughts on “Chuck and Crista’s Training and Touring Rides Blog

  1. Ed is accurate in his description of Crista’s century rides, but he might have mentioned another feature that sets these rides apart: Crista knows where to eat! No description is complete unless it mentions the lunch stop and whatever delicacy it is known for. She should put together a guide to noshing within 125 miles of Rockville.

    1. RE: Sunday’s century …. did I miss something? I showed up at the address at 7:15am and no one was there and it looked like the lights in the home were off…so I waited a few more minutes, then gave up and did 62 miler in VA with PPedalers. Would’ve been a great day to do heftier mileage.
      Bob Clarke

      1. Hey Bob,

        only Crista, Chuck, and one other guy besides me showed up and we all got there right around 7:30 am or so. Give it another try. The meeting time is usually about 15-20 minutes before the ride start, which happens more or less when everybody has unloaded and is ready to go.

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