Wintry Mix — Very Nice

This week the weather was the big story. MG and I planned to ride one hilly century this weekend and possibly ride again the second day. Mom Nature put a wrinkle in our plans by sending us our first snowstorm of the season on Saturday. Scratch the Saturday ride and rethink Sunday riding plans.

Sunday morning was inviting, bright, clear and crisp. MG and I decided to venture out anyway around 9 a.m. and see how far we could get from the city (where we had no accumulation) towards Poolesville, Md. for lunch at Bassett’s Restaurant. Along the way we met up with buddy Andrea M., who also wanted to get in a few hours of riding.

The rest of the photos from the ride are here.

We tried to ride out of town on the Capital Crescent Trail and to our dismay found lengthy ice patches once the trail turned away from the Potomac River. We hiked the bike to an exit onto surface streets, where the sun had already cleared most of the snow. For the rest of the ride out to Poolesville we encountered lots of wet runoff but only patches of slushy ice here and there that we rode through.

We swept up Andrea in Glen Echo and to our delight Michael R. and his friend Jane drove up to us outside Poolesville and joined us for lunch. We love impromptu sit-downs with our riding friends, whether they are riding or not.

We got back after 72 miles, early enough in the afternoon to clean the bike, enjoy a late lunch and take a sweet, sweet Sunday afternoon nap. Satisfying, quite.


2 thoughts on “Wintry Mix — Very Nice

  1. Geez, you two make a wimp like me look even wimpier…

    It looked liked you had fun in the country, but I couldnt make it out of DC, and tooled around running errands on Sunday in town. I did see the Georgetown/closed Wisconsin Ave festivities!

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