The Second Day of Randonneurmas: The Bike Lesson

We dedicate today’s post to Branson Kimball, North Carolina randonneur and more importantly, new dad. Congratulations, Branson, and don’t forget to put this one on your wish list!

The Second Day of Randonneurmas features an item that everyone can love and learn from! It’s Stan and Jan Berenstain’s tale of The Bike Lesson, which takes us on an adventure of all the do’s and don’ts of bicycle riding.

Why should a randonneur take interest in this story, you might ask. It’s a kids’ story! Further, randonneurs already know all there is to know about bike riding. Randonneurs should write these stories, not receive them as holiday gifts.

Not so fast! The Bike Lesson is a perfect Randonneurmas gift for many reasons.

1.  Randonneurs can always benefit from brushing up on cycling safety.
2.  The story includes helpful visual aids.
3.  It is a short story, meaning a thoughtful gift that won’t encroach on a randonneur’s riding time.
4.  When finished reading this tale, your special randonneur someone can share it with the little ones during story time, bedtime, or any other time. Everybody wins!

Page detail from The Bike Lesson

For a sneak preview of The Bike Lesson, see the following link, and/or investigate for purchase at your favorite bookstore:

For tomorrow: A gift that keeps a good thing going.

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