Third Day of Randonneurmas: Yehuda Moon!

Rick Smith’s delightful, gently offbeat Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery strip is a daily treat. Rick deftly and humorously illustrates the overlapping social circles that make up bike riding. He also offers telling insights into the frictions between cyclists and the car-bound.

Right now, Yehuda’s in a bad spot after getting run off the road by a driver who previously crossed paths with our hero.

Rick publishes YM independently and we can all help keep this strip going strong by donating directly to Rick or by buying Yehuda Moon merchandise. Why not drop a hint to your loved ones that a Yehuda Moon coffee mug or a book of reprints would make a terrific holiday gift?

Here are two stylish Yehuda mugs as shown by our professional models.

You’ll find those items and more at the YM store, including T-shirts, dog bowls, and a Yehuda-branded Flip Mino video camera.

Tomorrow: More good reading.

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