The Sixth Day of Randonneurmas: Patches

Randonneurs have opportunities to traverse some amazing parts of the country, including national and state parks.  Many parks offer embroidered patches and other memorabilia.  Help your randonneur recall one of his or her epic rides with a patch from one of the places he or she has traversed!  Even if you have not been to the area yourself, you can find these patches from the comfort of your own home via the Internet highway at sites like:

Patches, Recalling Times of Yore

Patches are not only eye-catching; they also have great utility.  They can be sewn or ironed onto Carradice or other bags for fellow randonneurs to see and admire.  Sew them onto a t-shirt for days about town!  Cover up holes in your clothing with a patch!  OR place them in a desk drawer alongside all those randonneur medals collected (purchased) over the years.

You may have to do a bit of sleuthing about the places your randonneur has been.  That won’t be hard.  Randonneurs LOVE talking about their rides almost as much as they like riding the rides.  And ride descriptions can often be found on local club websites.

Every time your randonneur sees the patch you gave him or her for Randonneurmas, he or she will remember two things: 1. traveling through the area the patch represents; and 2. YOU.

Patches are economical, yet attractive– a small piece of art everyone can appreciate!  Proceeds often benefit the parks.  Patches are a simple and sweet way to say “Happy Randonneurmas, I love you!”


2 thoughts on “The Sixth Day of Randonneurmas: Patches

  1. Ed/Mary, I do enjoy the website and I appreciate you having me along after my improptu meeting near Daisy Road. My daughter is a big fan of the National Parks and enjoyed seeing the patches. Tom

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