Seventh Day of Randonneurmas: Knog Lights

Randonneurs obsess about lighting. I mean, we really think a lot about the subject. Show me a randonneur with a few years of brevets under their belt and I’ll bet money they have a “lights box” in a closet somewhere with old lights gathering dust.

For all that, once every so often we get caught out at dusk trying to get home without our main lights. That’s where the Knog Frog comes in so handy. This $15 little LED light wraps around handlebars or most any part of the bike and puts out just enough light to get you seen by drivers and pedestrians. Or, you can run it in flash mode with your main light to add an eye-catching pulse that’s in vogue these days.

They can also be used as cue sheet lights. MG likes the version with the blue LED for that purpose — she finds the blue is easier on the eyes at night. Knogs come in a bunch of festive colors and fit nicely in a stocking. How can you go wrong with one of these little guys?

Tomorrow: taking care of your randonneur’s palate.


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