Eighth Day of Randonneurmas: Yummy ‘Sports Food’

One of the great benefits of randonneuring — besides the camaraderie, the sights and the fresh air — is the opportunity for massive calorie consumption. Eat like a teenager!

While MG and I do our best to load up at the small town diners and stores along the way, we and most of our fellow riders carry some kind of sports food with us, just in case a caloric emergency arises.

“Sports food” — the whole idea sounds a little weird. We shy away from the outer reaches of the genre, such as food replacement drinks. Our choice is to carry pocket snacks that are as close to candy and candy bars as possible but could still be considered healthy. Let’s not kid ourselves, though. This stuff is made not to melt in your pocket and to be sweet enough to get you past that looming bonk. If Jelly Belly Watermelon “Extreme” Sport Beans with Caffeine get you down the road, why stop eating them?

Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!

Surprise that hungry randonneur in your life by checking out what they stuff in their pockets and get more of the same for their stocking. They will thank you the next time they are ravenous and a long way from the next food stop.

Tomorrow: something they will need every time they ride a brevet.


2 thoughts on “Eighth Day of Randonneurmas: Yummy ‘Sports Food’

  1. Mary and Ed, Thanks for the 12 days of randonneurmas. It’s a great feature! (Except now we will be tempted to buy all of this stuff for ourselves if we don’t find it in the stocking.)

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