The Tenth Day of Randonneurmas: Ixon IQ Headlight

We’re in the home stretch now with Christmas Day just a week away. This is also the time of year when daylight is so short and bike lights are essential for long distance riding.

Many of us started randonneuring with adequate lights and over time came to realize that to see well on downhills we needed more illumination. The problem is that the most powerful lights, including superbright mountain biking lights and generator-powered systems, cost $400 or more.

Fortunately, the engineers at Busch & Muller of Germany have been improving their less expensive battery-powered bike lights by leaps and bounds. MG and I are very pleased with the Ixon IQ, which runs on four AA batteries and puts out a powerful, concentrated white light that is as bright as my old Niterider systems. It can be purchased alone or with rechargeable batteries and a charger that allows one to simply plug it in at home.

B&M Ixon IQ, ready for action

I prefer to use my own batteries and an inexpensive fast charger. The Ixon IQ runs for five hours or more on high-capacity Maha Powerex 2700mah NiMh batteries available from Amazon and elsewhere. (These batteries are also excellent in GPS units).

The Ixon IQ is not cheap, at $120 from Peter White Cycles, but it represents a tremendous value and a great middle ground between “be seen” lights and generator systems. I like being able to move it from bike to bike and reload it with fresh batteries on the road. If your randonneur is still making do with inexpensive lights, give them one of these and they’ll be so glad when the sun goes down.

Tomorrow: letting people know you love to ride.


6 thoughts on “The Tenth Day of Randonneurmas: Ixon IQ Headlight

  1. Ed, Thx for the info. I might pull the trigger on one of these based much on your advice. A few of the other mbrs have chimed in w/ good info as well. The battery info is the best! Much appreciated. T

  2. Love your blog. Just discovered it a short while ago and I visit often.

    i agree…This is a great light, and my favorite light.

    In addition to great optics, run times, it is surprisingly sturdy. This light was on fork mount on my recumbent when i hit a patch of gravel and went down hard on the side Ixon IQ was mounted. To my surprise, the base of the light (that connects to the mount) rotated 90 degrees instead of breaking during the accident. After i popped my shoulder back in place (I dislocated my shoulder), I rotated the light back into position and rode back home. The light still works like new.

    Keep up the great work on the blog.


  3. Not to divert your inquiry, but I understood from Peter White that these lights are intended to cast their light from the handlebars. I used an original Ixon mounted right above the wheel and it was good, but the pattern is better from higher up.

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