The Twelfth Day of Randonneurmas: A Listening Ear

Randonneuring: It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The best part about the journey? All the stories a randonneur collects!

We noted in an earlier post that randonneurs love telling stories about their rides almost as much as riding the rides. But what good are stories if they are not shared with anyone? That’s why we’ve made this year’s Twelfth Day of Randonneurmas gift a listening ear.

A listening ear costs nothing, except for the moments of your life you will never get back. However, best not to look at it that way. See it as getting to know your special randonneur someone just that much better. If you are concerned about the time your gift might take, you may always set your own boundaries through the use of a stopwatch, the minutes remaining before your favorite television show starts, the time left before you have to take the clothes out of the dryer, or some other method. That way, you give your listening ear freely, but within whatever time you feel you have to give.

Randonneurs are not professional cyclists. They are people motivated to ride for a variety of reasons. What is the reason your randonneur rides? What are his or her stories? It’s through sharing the tales of ourselves that we create greater intimacy and understanding of each other. Truly, a listening ear is a great gift.

Happy Randonneurmas, everyone!


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