Welcome to 2010!

Happy new year, randonneurs! The odometer has been reset to zero and it’s time to start planning all the big and little rides ahead. 2010 appears to be shaping up as the most active pre-PBP year ever for USA randonneuring. With the talk of a rider limit at PBP next year, everybody who wants to attend is looking to increase their chances of getting a slot by riding more and longer brevets.

First up, though, I got in a little tandem ride with daughter DF around the Washington monuments. We’ve had a stretch of cold, wet weather here and it was so nice to get out for a couple of hours in dry weather.

MG and I have already been talking about our ride schedule. Based on today’s announcement from RUSA about PBP, we’ve added a 1000K to our plans, in addition to the completion of at least one full super randonneur series and a few extra ACP 200K and longer brevets.

We get our first chance to start racking up the credits at the D.C. Randonneurs Tappahannock ACP 200K next weekend in Ashland, Va. This is a tandem-friendly course and we’re hoping the weather gives us a break by staying dry, if not warm.

I wonder how the entry limit is going to work out, and whether there will be as high a demand to go to PBP next year as in 2007. The rain at PBP ’07 might dissuade some from using valuable vacation time and money to go again. It may have been for PBP a high water mark (pun intended)!

The bright side of this uncertainty — I call it the PBP Scramble — is that MG and I will finally get that 1000K we’ve talked about for years. It has never worked out for us, but the increase in 1000K brevets this year offers us an opportunity to complete ours.

We wish you all happy miles and lots of good times in 2010, and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the road.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010!

  1. Happy New Year!

    2010 Marks the start of my Randonneuring, 2 weeks until my first 200k! Planning to do a full series.

    PBP is certainly something I want to aim for, I’ll see how this year goes before making concrete plans though.

  2. Ed, which 1000 are you looking at? There are a couple cool ones on the west coast this spring that include the coast hwy through Big Sur.

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