DCR Tappahannock 200K Brevet — A ‘Good’ Cold

UPDATE: The results from the ride have been posted at the DCR site. Congratulations to all.

We’ve all heard the phrase “a good tired,” that relaxed and satisfied feeling after a great workout. There was a same feeling evident Saturday after the D.C. Randonneurs’ inaugural 200K for 2010, the Tappahannock 200K from Ashland, Va., regardless of the cold temperatures.

More photos at my Flickr page. See Clint Provenza’s photos here and RBA Bill Beck’s at his Flickr page.

The Mid-Atlantic has been in the grip of strong, sub-freezing winds for days now and we’ve had two big snow storms in the last month and another inch fell here in D.C. Thurday night. Temperatures on Saturday were projected to peak in the mid-30s with winds of 15 m.p.h. from the north, adding to winter’s grip.

Sill, a total of 31 riders (was it cabin fever?) dashed off into the chill from the Ashland Coffee and Tea at 7 a.m., bundled up to the gills. Fortunately we enjoyed a mix of tailwinds and favorable crosswinds for the first half of the ride, which combined with rolling hills to keep us toasty. After lunch the ride turned windy and colder as we headed north and west, through open farmlands with no wind protection. We slowed for a bunch of shady spots where drift snow lingered on the pavement, though we only had to walk two or three times.

Most everyone finished in good shape, save for a couple of DNF’s, though times were a little slower than in past editions because of the conditions. An extra benefit of completing the ride was that, as an ACP-sanctioned brevet, we’re already on our way to completing a Super Randonneur series.

Thanks to organizer Paul Donaldson, Bill Beck, and a special nod to Clint, who brought a group of first-timers with him from the Severna Park Peloton club.

You can see a map and the GPS track at my GarminConnect page. If anyone has figured out how to export the map, please leave a comment — thanks!


3 thoughts on “DCR Tappahannock 200K Brevet — A ‘Good’ Cold

  1. Ed, Thanks for all of the info you so quickly push out after these events. I did not get to this one, but all of the photos and everyone’s input helps us Rando-Padawan to figure out things that would normally dissuade us from venturing out during winter. Simple things like proper gloves and booties — being used by Rando-Jedi Masters (in the photos)– allow us to see what is being used, and what is not. Thank you and see you soon.


  2. Hey guys thanks for the post. Just wanted to say I had a really good time at my first brevet (although I was one of the DNF’s) and thanks for the photos. I learned a lot about this style of cycling from just participating in the event and managed to complete my first century as well. You can read all about my day and see some more photos at my blog rvabikecommuter.wordpress.com and I have some family in the DC area so I’m gonna start working on getting to where I think I’ll be able to crush the next 200k when I get a chance to come up that way. Have a good one!

  3. Ed, impressive, 200km in this weather!! Have you tried creating an account on MapMyRide.com? I have an account on there and upload all my rides from my Edge to there. I am able to export and do save as directly from their site?

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