TDR Rando-Photo Contest… Enter TODAY!

TDR announces its first annual photo contest! From now until midnight January 18, 2010 we will be accepting YOUR randonneuring photos from the past year. There are a variety of rando-photo categories (and rules, too) so pay attention and submit your photos today!

First, the Rando-Photo Categories:

1. Sexy Randonneur Lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, see the story here to learn more.

2. Obligatory Cow Photo. Seen on almost every brevet, cows captured on film are a must for completing your brevet photo-set. However, all animals are created equal and this category accepts photos of any and all fauna.

3. Panda Shot. The panda shot is a picture you take of yourself while riding your bicycle. It can be a head shot, a picture of your foot, etc., but some body part must make it into your photo.

4. Dark of Night Photo. Among the trickier of the rando-photos, this category is dedicated to those photos taken in the dark of night or in the early morning hours. I know it’s hard to distinguish between the two sometimes when you’re on these rides. Think dark.

5. Spirit of Randonneuring. What does it mean? You tell us and submit the photo you think fits best!

It wouldn’t be randonneuring if there weren’t rules so here they are.

Rule 1. You must be a DC Randonneur member (or have been a member in 2009) to participate.
Rule 2. You may submit one photo per category (a total of 5 photos).
Rule 3. Photos may be from any RUSA or ACP brevet that occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2009. The fleche also qualifies. Ok, we will also accept photos from brevets occurring between January 1-10, 2010. Permanents not permitted.
Rule 4. Submit your photo via a link to the photo or by submitting the photo in .jpeg format to: gersemalina “at”
Rule 5. In your submission, tell us where and when the photo was taken. If there are people in your photo, please include their names if you can.
Rule 6. Gersemalina and Felkerino are ineligible for this contest.
Rule 7. Deadline for photo submissions is midnight (any U.S. time zone, except Hawaii) January 18, 2010.

Judging: Photos will be judged by a SECRET GUEST JUDGE who will be revealed later. Winners will be announced on Friday, January 22 and their respective photos posted on this blog. The following week will feature all submissions!

This is not a DC Randonneur-sponsored event. It is 100% TDR-sponsored! That said, prizes will be awarded for those members ath the annual meeting for those who 1. win a category, and 2. attend the meeting. However, for those who cannot attend, we will mail the winners their prizes!

Don’t delay, submit your rando-photos today!

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