TDR Rando-Photo Contest: Secret Guest Judge Revealed!

We are thrilled to reveal the Secret Guest Judge for the First Annual TDR Rando-Photo Contest!

Gregg Bleakney, TDR Rando-Photo Secret Guest Judge

Farmous Paris-Brest-Paris photographer Gregg Bleakney has agreed to be our Rando-Photo judge! No doubt you remember his fantastic photos of the 2007 edition of PBP.

Gregg is an accomplished cyclist and photographer who has ridden from northern Alaska through South America.  His work has been published in various places, including Adventure Cyclist. Learn more about Gregg and his photography at his website or his blog.

TDR is completely honored to have Gregg pick the winning entries. Many of you have already sent in excellent submissions and we know there are lots more. The photos are so good that we’re going to put them all up in a Flickr group for all to enjoy, so don’t be shy. (A side note: you retain all rights to your photos, just in case you are wondering).

Thanks again to Gregg for agreeing to be our Secret Guest Judge and thanks to all of you who have submitted photos so far. Keep ’em coming!

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