TDR Rando-Photo Contest: The Countdown Begins!

Randonneurs, readers, contest participants, scenesters!

The deadline for submitting randonneur photos has come and gone. This afternoon, all entries were submitted to our Secret Guest Judge Gregg Bleakney.

Gregg Bleakney, TDR Rando-Photo Secret Guest Judge

We received many excellent entries. But don’t take our word for it. Take a peek at them all at the TDR Rando-Photo Collection on flickr.

You may notice that we have a new surprise category titled “Out of Bounds.” The Out of Bounds category is for photos that did not meet our contest criteria that we wanted to share anyway. Out of Bounds will not be judged because, in randonneuring, no awards can be given to people who fail to follow the rules!

You will also see that many entrants included a short narrative to give greater context to their submissions. These are so much fun to read!

I hope you have time to look at through the photos and read the photo descriptions. The winners will be announced Friday. Those who attend the D.C. Randonneurs annual meeting on Saturday will get their prizes personally delivered to them. What?! Prizes? More to come on that front, stay tuned!

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