TDR Rando-Photo Contest: Winners Revealed!

It’s been a week of excitement at TDR world headquarters as we’ve waited for Secret Guest Judge Gregg Bleakney to judge the First Annual TDR Rando-Photo Contest.  The wait is finally over, and today we announce the winners, with Gregg’s commentary regarding the selection.

Dark of Night:  Mike Dayton

(c) Mike Dayton, Dark of Night

I think many randonneurs can identify with this shot. Solo, middle of the night, struggling to get a dollar in a soda machine–and as a Pacific Norwester, (ed. note: Gregg is from Seattle) this photo gets extra points for sandals with socks fashion sense.

Panda:  Bill Beck

(c) Bill Beck, Panda
(c) Bill Beck, Panda

Nice smiley face and capture of riders and rural scene in the background.  Makes ya want to be on his fleche team.

Sexy Randonneur Lifestyle:  Chris Lane

(c) Chris Lane, Sexy Randonneur Lifestyle

Ummm. Nothing sexier than the king of randonneurs on his throne.

Obligatory Cow Photo:  Clint Provenza

(c) Clint Provenza, Obligatory Cow Photo
(c) Clint Provenza, Obligatory Cow Photo

Great moment — two hamstring-powered cultures in passing.

Spirit of Randonneuring:  Jan Bull

(c) Jan Bull, Spirit of Randonneuring

This category was tough to call but Stan just looks like the perfect poster-boy for rando-spirit. Nice warm light, big smile.  Creative bull-clip map/notepad on front bar bag.

Out of Bounds Honorable Mention:  Tivy Binnix

(c) Tivy Binnix, Out of Bounds

Rando-polar bear club?

Congratulations to all the winners of the First Annual TDR Rando-Photo Contest!  Good work, and remember that the presentation of prizes will be on Saturday at the DC Randonneurs annual meeting.  Yes, prizes, and we won’t even make you buy them!  For those not attending the meeting, we will be in touch!

Thank you again to Gregg Bleakney for taking time out of his schedule to be our Secret Guest Judge. We were so fortunate to have a professional photographer with Gregg’s cycling background judge our contest!

Finally, thank you to all the rando-photographers who submitted photographs.  Without you, we would not have these great pictures to go along with the memories of the past year’s rides. Keep taking pictures, everybody, so we can reminisce again around this time next year!

2 thoughts on “TDR Rando-Photo Contest: Winners Revealed!

  1. Nice touch, loved this! Way to inject vitality and ‘freshness’ into randonneuring!

    PS: +1 for the birkenstocks and purple sox. But the vending machine really should offer a double tall, no foam, haf caf, haf decaf, iced, skinny, organic, soy machiatto latte with a dash of nutmeg for the total PNW effect.

    Yr Pal, Dr C

  2. Congrats to all the winners! Especially Bill for putting me in the background of his panda shot. (It must have been pretty early in the brevet if I was still in the same zip code as Bill.)

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